Windfall Ranch: a Horse Boarding Facility in the Mountains of San Diego County

Windfall Ranch originally was not intended to be an equine boarding facility, but when friends started asking if they could keep their horses at the Ranch because of the extensive trail system (and because the trails and corrals do not get muddy), the ranch evolved into a San Diego drama-free boarding, training, and competitive endurance riding center! There are two arenas, two round pens, and plenty of tack rooms. We offer a friendly atmosphere to just come and hang out.

Horse Facility at Windfall Ranch

Windfall Ranch boarders have a choice of:

Mare and Newborn Foal at Windfall Ranch

  • Thirty four 24 X 48 corrals with a cover (many open up into a large turnout area)

This is NOT a large horse boarding facility and it is spread out so there’s never a feeling of being on top of each other, plus the drainage is very good, so horses are never “up to their hocks” in mud.

Equine Boarding Rates and Information

horse boarding in the san diego foothills at Windfall Ranch

  • Horse boarding at Windfall Ranch is $300 a month
  • A daily mash of beet pulp and grain can be given for an additional $25 a month
  • Horses are fed twice a day and there is a choice of alfalfa, Bermuda, rye or pasture mix (wheat, oat, rye & barley)
  • The best hay available is obtained from Tom Brundy in Imperial Valley

Skinny horses are frowned upon, so the quantity of hay is given according to the needs of the individual horse. Corrals and paddocks are cleaned daily – occasionally a day is missed if Terry has the guys on a major project (building or maintaining structures or trails, or when putting water out and prepping a competitive endurance ride event held 3-4 times a year).

Boarders at Windfall Ranch can also keep their trailers at the Ranch at no additional charge, and friends and trainers can trailer in at no charge!