Master equestrian San Diego riding trails map in and around Windfall Ranch, in the mountains east of San Diego, CA

Within the Ranch’s almost 500 acres, there are miles of private San Diego riding trails so there is little to no concern of encountering motorcycles, mountain bikers or backpacker hikers. These trails also have access to the Horsethief Canyon Wilderness area in the Cleveland National Forest, so trail rides can be of a short duration, or an all day horseback riding adventure.

The horse trails are varied; some trails are appropriate for trotting or cantering and others are single-track, with elevation changes requiring technical skills. There are beautiful views from the Windfall Ranch horseback riding trails. You can see west 40 miles towards San Diego and the Pacific Ocean; you can see south 30 miles to Mexico; and you can see north into the San Diego mountain Cuyamaca’s. Looking east, you can view down into the canyons of Horsethief Canyon, and further east to Corte Madera Mountain. The pathway and footing on the trails is outstanding. Even after a heavy rainfall, there are always San Diego riding trails available to ride your horse!